Placing your assets in a trust is an effective means for you to provide for beneficiaries of your choice. It also acts as a way in which you can protect various assets. Mr Tutter and Piri Gallington are highly experienced in drafting Trusts that provide you with peace of mind for the future, and giving security to your loved ones.

You can create a trust fund by setting up a trust for a number of reasons, including:

  • to control and protect family assets
  • when someone’s too young to handle their affairs (usually under the age of 18)
  • when someone cannot handle their affairs because they’re incapacitated
  • to pass on assets while you’re still alive
  • to pass on assets when you die
  • property trusts to declare the beneficial interest in a property if that are unequal

The key characteristic of a trust is that it permits the separation of legal ownership and beneficial interest: the trustees become the owners of the trust property as far as third parties are concerned, and the beneficiaries are entitled to expect that the trustees will manage the trust property for their benefit.


Our fees for Trusts will be decided by your instructions to us.


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