Whilst the return on these investments can be significant when things run as they should, if problems should arise, and the situation changes quickly. We are able to provide advice and assistance to resolve the issues as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Mr Tutter and his team has many years’ experience in dealing with property related issues. We apply a pragmatic, sensible approach that ensures we obtain the right result for our client as soon as is possible.

We can help you with:

  • Setting up a new tenancy, including drafting the tenancy agreement
  • Advising you on all your legal obligations as a landlord, including all the information you must provide to tenants at the commencement of a tenancy
  • Obtaining possession of a property when a landlord wishes to recover possession from a tenant (to sell it or for any other reason) or where the tenant has acted in breach of the tenancy agreement
  • Recovering rent arrears that are due and making claims for damage caused to property whilst the tenant was in occupation
  • Negotiating with tenants over breaches of tenancy agreements such as rent arrears, damage to the property, antisocial behaviour, criminal activity and so on, and representing you at any court hearings
  • Responding to tenancy deposit compensation claims, where tenants make a claim or threaten to issue proceedings because the deposit they have paid has not been protected as is required
  • Locating tenants who’ve moved out in the middle of a tenancy and who owe rent under the terms of the agreement.

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