A lasting power of attorney (LPA) is a legal document, which gives someone else (‘the attorney’) the power to make decisions on your behalf (‘the donor’).

This is a form of legal documentation that allows you to appoint someone else to make important decisions on your behalf. These decisions could relate to your property and financial affairs, welfare or health, and the person you appoint will be given legal powers to manage these affairs for you.

Kash Tutter and Co are dedicated to help clients plan and manage their assets and estate more effectively through Powers of Attorney.

Types of Power of Attorney

There are two main types of Power of Attorney – Ordinary Power of Attorney and Lasting Power of Attorney.

Ordinary Power Of Attorney

An ‘ordinary’ or ‘general’ Power of Attorney is limited to financial decisions made on your behalf whilst you have mental capacity.

An ordinary Power of Attorney can be used to nominate someone to make important decisions either under your supervision or on a temporary basis, for example for the duration of a hospital stay or holiday. Under the arrangement, any legal authority given to your appointed attorney is automatically revoked if you lose mental capacity.

Lasting Power Of Attorney

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) can extend beyond financial affairs to include decisions relevant to your health and wellbeing. Furthermore, an LPA is specifically designed to allow you to appoint an attorney to make decisions in your name in the case that you lose mental capacity.


Our fees for the preparation and registration of a Lasting Power of Attorney is £250.00 plus VAT.  For a couple requiring two Lasting Power of Attorney’s the fee is £450.00 plus VAT and if four Lasting Powers are required our fee is £600.00 plus VAT

In addition, a court fee is payable to register the Lasting Power of Attorney in the sum of £82.00.

If we are required to attend the attorney at home, in hospital or a nursing home, our fee will increase and will be assessed on the time spent obtaining instructions and based on an hourly rate of £230.00 plus VAT.


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